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Polanski vol.03 - Mariana Braga shot by me
False Hopes

Alright, lets get this out of the way because I am too fed up with this topic. GIVING UP: to abandon (oneself) to a particular feeling, influence, or activity. I am tired of people giving up. I am tired of myself giving up. I have fought for years, going on 7 years now, to make myself happy with finding someone to lean on, someone to talk to, someone who will call me when they have no where else to go. I have tried for 7 years now, making me seem as if I was some player but what people don’t know is that its not me. I am not the one giving up on the other. I am the one who is given up on. Whether the person says they aren’t giving up on you or not, they are but won’t accept the fact. So what may seem as me jumping from one potential relationship to the next is actually me trying to find that connection because the previous person gave up on me. Relationships are a complex thing. It is something you can’t force and by no means do I try to force them. I give myself many opportunities because others are trying to force the negatives on themselves and letting those negatives force their emotions down a different road. No one is ever ready for a relationship. Let me say this again, NO ONE IS EVER READY FOR A RELATIONSHIP. But should that stop you from letting life happen? Should that allow you to “lead a guy or girl on” for weeks until you, for some reason which Ill never understand, just wake up and decide that the one person who has been putting a smile on your face should be given up on? No one deserves a relationship but its a blessing when it comes. You will never get that blessing if you give up on someone. Whatever the excuse, good or bad. Getting hurt in life is just that. PAIN HAPPENS. LIFE HAPPENS. But you know what, you can wake up tomorrow and heal that pain and continue your life. So why shouldn’t you go after someone who makes you happy. Why not go after the guy or girl you like. You know they’re on the other side waiting for you. You will be amazed by the love some people can bring you, big or small. But you’re too afraid to bring someone into your “complicated” life and too afraid to get hurt or hurt someone. 

Stop giving up on yourself. You’ll never live a life worth living if you wake up everyday thinking “what if?”